ClockWise features

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Planning hours
- Calendar
- Quotation of hours
- Holiday card
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Writing hours
- Enter and submit hours
- Approve hours
- Reporting
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Making invoices
- Digital invoices
- hours times tariff
- exporting invoices

Demo or trial account

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Profit of:
  • A complete ClockWise installation
  • Helpdesk on weekdays from 9.00-17.00
  • Without further obligation
  • Trial account will end automatically
If you haven't contacted us during the trial period we will contact you once at the end of the trial to ask if you would like to continue the account 

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What does ClockWise cost


From 15 euro a month for one user. Including:

  •  Free helpdesk (9 -17)
  •  No installation or other costs
  •  Installation of updates
  •  Daily backups
  • Your own invoice layout

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