Invoices, Reverse billing and accounting integration


Being able to see hours that can be billed at any time you want, generate multiple invoices at once and sending them per e-amil to yours customers. This is all possible with the billing module of ClockWise
You can use your comapnies invoice layout!

Sending hour invoices digitally with ClockWise saves us so mutch time!
Christine de Wit - Bedrijfsartsengroep


  • Invoice in company layout
  • Fixed fees and periodically
  • Send UBL invoices
  • Reversed Billing
  • Twinfield, Snelstart and Exact online
  • Financial reports

Generating fixed fee, approved hours or subscription fees invoices, all are possible with the finance module.
Enter contacts at your customers and send your invoices automatically to them, in PDF and or UBL format.

When using the mail check your spf settings to include the clockwise mailserver. Check our information page about e-mailsettings.


Reversed Billing

When you work with hired personal than you can use our reversed billing. Reversed billing is also used in accounts where some companies work together at one project. You can send reverse bills to the colaberating project partners. You can read more about this at case 1 on our flexible structure and implemantation page.

Overtime tarrifs

Tariffs in ClockWise can be changed per date. The history of tariffs is saved. Its also possible to use overtime tarifs.
Tarifs can differ per project per employee. Whe have tarif cards when a tarif is activity or employee dependend. Use a card and you only have to apply changes to the tarifcard. Using a tarif card also offers the advantage of saterday and sunday tariffs.


Direct insights in your turnover, with complete summaries per month, quarter or year: ClockWise can make it happen! Revenue or turnovers are displayed below "Finance" in "Turnover". This way you'll never lose track of financial trends, without having to immediately dive into the specifics.

A lot of reports generated by ClockWise also offer visible financial insights. A good example for usage is to look in to the Projects report. Switch to estimated budget instead of hours to see wether your company is reaching its budget.

In "Finance" you can see every all of the important fincancial information together. It's visible how much estimated work is left, margins between purchases and sales, but also what the turnover will be that particular year when you invoice the same amount every month.

Ledger account integration

ClockWise has a versatile nature, made extra clear by the different compatible integration options. Made invoices can be exported to external applications such as: Twinfield, Snelstart and ExactOnline. You can enter ledger accounts in ClockWise and select the option within projects and customers.

See Integrations for more information on the specific attributes of every integration.