Single Sign-On

Centralize your user management. Improve the security of your organization!

In ClockWise it is possible to realize Single Sign-On with the SAML 2.0 protocol.

  • Automatic login for users
  • A central place for password management
  • Azure Active directory
  • Multiple authentication providers in 1 account

This method is used with Azure Active Directory, ADFS, SecureAuth and SimpleSAML, among others. To realize a link, ClockWise uses Authentication providers, whereby individual authentication provisioning can be set per user group or even user.

In addition to the existing standard login method in ClockWise, there are also 2-factor, Google, Facebook and therefore also SAML authentication providers available.

The SAML link with ClockWise falls under the category childishly simple.
David van de Maas - ngage

Read more about Single Sign On and the benefits in the ngage case.

Download the SAML setup guide*

Manual for setting-up SSO with Azure Active Directory

*This guide is currently only available in Dutch. Translations will be added shortly.