Batch connections

Easy to setup but more time to keep it working properly
With a batch connection we mean that you can generate a export file in for example csv, xml or json format.
We have some general templates available but we can also easely customize a batch template for you. So if you need to export data in a specific (XML) format or csv order than we can develop thus quickly and it will not cost you only a couple of hours. It is much easier and takes less time then developing an API connections.

  • CSV format
  • XML format
  • Incremental
  • More then one channel

After downloadiong the data in the template you can import it in the software you need the data for further processing.

ClockWise offers some general connection templates.
- XML template with invoice data for Exact Globe
- CSV template for Unit4
- XML template with invoice data for Accountview
- CSV data for importing to Loket
- XML template for importing to Logisal

The advantage of a batch connection is that we can customize the mapping. Together we can decide which ClockWise field go the which field in the template
and to which filed in the software you want to connect to.
So it is a very flexible way to make connections.
U can do the translation from ClockWise to the other system yourself!

But it takes more time to keep it working properly. You will need fields to make the mapping on, for example salarynummer, or customercode.
These fields need to be entered manually into ClockWise!