Connect with AFAS

Combine the simplicity of using ClockWise with the ease of use of AFAS.

With the link between ClockWise and AFAS you can transfer the created sales or reversed billing invoices as bookings to AFAS. These are then available as a concept booking in AFAS. Also, reversed billing invoices can be exported from ClockWise as credit transactions to AFAS. You can insert multiple ledger accounts in ClockWise. You can set them as default at the projects such that these will be automatically selected when creating an invoice.

  • Create a debtor booking
  • Create debtors
  • Transfer reversed billing invoices
  • Create cost centers, projects / asset

The accountant only has to check the bookings and make them definitive.
If you make use of the link, ledgers and cost centers will be added to ClockWise to be able to make the draft entry. The Activum field in AFAS can be filled with the ClockWise project code.
In addition to bookings, customers can also be exported to AFAS as debtors and new cost centers are automatically created.

Possible settings

- set the default administration
- export debtors
- automatically create cost centers
- automatically create cost units
- give the booking period
- send along the PDF invoice
- specify standard diary
- transferring reversed billing invoices