E-mail settings

Multiple E-mail settings

Set your companies mail server as sender of the e-mails

For different notification purposes e-maile can be send from ClockWise. Holiday requests, week submittal or approval reminders, mails to reset your password or e-mails to with invoices to your customers.

  • Use your own e-mail address as from address
  • SPF settings
  • DKIM certificates
  • Your SMTP mail server
  • No e-mails in spambox

Your options

To prevent e-mail addresses from being used as addresses to send spam from mail(servers) are monitored strictly. ClockWise e-mail are send from outside your intranet, so you will have to do some settings to prevent e-mail to end up in a spambox

ClockWise noreply- address

E-mails from ClockWise are always sedn from a no-reply address, optional with your own Reply-to: address.


E-mail is send from the ClockWise mailserver from the mail address that is set at the employee that is signed in. This means that e-mail is send from a different mailserver than the mailaddresses mailserver.To make this work well you will have to add ClockWise to the spf record of your mailserver. Additionally you can use DKIM by generating certificates which are used when a mail is send.


You can send mail using your own SMTP server by adding this as an external SMTP server to ClockWise. You will have to use a separate mail account from which the mails are send. If you want e-mails to your customers to be send from your own mail server use the option to configura the External SMTP server.

Which of the options is used is up to you. You can also use a different option per usergroup.