Dear (HBO) student,

Below you will find our current offering of internship projects. We will assess your level individually and create a plan accordingly. For all projects, you will be guided by ClockWise professionals and will have time to work on your report during your presence in the office.

Project: Creating a Svelte Widget for ClockWise Software

As an intern at ClockWise, you will have the opportunity to work on a challenging software development project. For your internship, we offer the project of creating a widget in Svelte.

The aim of this project is to develop a new widget that provides ClockWise users with even more functionality and makes our product more user-friendly. As an intern, you will work on designing, developing, and possibly testing the widget in Svelte. You will collaborate with our team of specialists in software development.

During this project, you will have the chance to further develop your knowledge of Svelte and learn to work in a professional environment. You will also learn to collaborate with experienced developers and have the opportunity to share and apply your ideas in a real production environment.


Do you have any questions about an internship project or ClockWise in general? Please contact us at and ask for Anita Borst. We are always open to talented students who want to work on challenging projects and develop themselves in the world of software development.