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Timetracking simply versatile

Timetracking is easy using ClockWise. ClockWise is an open and free system, nearly nothing is mandatory but the possibilities are infinite.
You can start entering hours in 5 minutes. Use the timetracking app, browser or chrome plugin.

Timetracking software for companies

Our timetracking software specilalises in the process from hour registration til sending invoices. ClockWise offers a general solution aswell as branch specific functionalities. Think of reversed billing, or overime tariffs.

The timetracking software offers extensive possibilities in:

  1. project and organisation layout
  2. arranging a submit and approval process
  • appoval of hours bu customer, projetcmanager or linemanager
  • for weeks, months or flexible periods
  • per project or subproject
  • by one manager or more managers
  1. roles and authorizations te determine who has access to what data

Nearly any role you can think of is possible.

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Flexible projectstructure

This important feature means you can order and divide your projects as you like. There is no fixed structure.
Some projects ask for a very detailed timetracking maybe to specify to your customers other projects don't need that. Both can exist together in the flexible projectstructure.

Look at our example implementations of a flexible structure

Project management tool

How to keep track of your project goals. We support the proces to achiev your goals. Using quoted hours, start and enddates to calculate the occupation of your employees or see of the project is within budget.

read more about our Project management tool


Financial overviews and invoicing

Hour registration app

Hour registration example