Document storage integration

Add documents to customers, projects and employees. Use ClockWise authorizations to decide who can see or upload documents.

  • Add files to customers and employees
  • Let ClockWise do the authorization
  • 1 central docstore account

With the docstore module you can add files to customers and projects in ClockWise. These files are not in ClockWise itself but savely uploaded to one of the two docstore systems Onedrive and Dropbox we connect with. To use the module you will need an account for one of these two doc store providers.



Ad the configuration page you add the docstore you have an account for. Ideally this is a general account.
Add the administration page you can add files which are uploaded to Dropbox.

More information about DropBox https://www.dropbox.com



Select or add Onedrive to the docstore configuration. You can use two docstore providers in one ClockWise account. Up- and download files in the administration pages of ClockWise.

More information about OneDrive https://onedrive.live.com/about/nl-nl/