PowerBI connection

Visualize your ClockWise data with PowerBI
With the Data from web option of PowerBI you can get live hours data from ClockWise.
Your dashboard can be alwasy up to date! And you don't have to be an expert to implement this connection!

This is just to easy!
  • Realtime date
  • Easy to implement with data from web
  • Webservices light
  • Available for all users

In ClockWise you can save filter settings, for exampla a search for all written hours of a specific department of last month .
Data of a saved report can be loaded in PowerBI/

Example in 4 steps

  1. Save a report in ClockWise with the filter settings you like. (Check the helpfiles for all the options)

There is a static url available

  1. Go to the saved static url and copy it by clicking the csv icon.
  2. Go to PowerBI and choose Get data -> From web
  3. paste the url and load the data.

The connection is established.
This also works for excell, if you want to make more enhanced reports or use large amounts of data to load to a datawarehouse we advise you to use are RESTful API.