EN HR solutions about ClockWise time registration

Mayella Karremans, RPO & Project Support at EN HR solutions

What kind of company is EN HR solutions

‘‘EN HR solutions supports companies in the field of recruitment. We take care of the entire recruitment process, or part of it. Structural, project-based, national and international. Examples are RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), TTA (Total Talent Acquisition), Vacancy marketing, Website development, Employer Branding.’’

How do you use Clockwise?

‘‘From our Total Talent Acquisition services, we do the filling of interim and temporary positions as well as the filling of interim positions. For the time registration and approval of the hours, we use Clockwise to guarantee error-free invoicing and payment.’’

Why do you think Clockwise is a good / nice system? What do you get out of it? How does it make your job easier?

‘‘It is important to EN HR that the time registration system is easily accessible and available for multiple types of users. The interimmer is responsible for correct time registration, but our customer is the party who must approve these hours. We can then invoice from the system. Clockwise offers all these (and more) options.’’

Is there anything else you want to say about Clockwise?

‘‘We chose Clockwise at the time because of the level of service that they offer, but certainly because we knew that flexibility had to be possible in the process and in the design of the system. From our first meeting, Clockwise, in the person of Anita Borst, has always been willing to think along and implement changes that were necessary for us. EN HR solutions is always on the move and companies that we work with on an operational level should also be. Clockwise has certainly not disappointed in this and to this day we are happy with our choice of Clockwise.’’

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