Oostnl about ClockWise time registration

Rob Geerdink from Oost NL, a development company that stimulates the regional economy in the Eastern Netherlands.

Why Clockwise?

‘‘We were looking for an hour registration package that adapts to our wishes. The standard hour-writing systems force customers to work according to a fixed pattern. Clockwise adapts to our working method, instead of the other way around. That is very pleasant. They think along, ask questions, and ensure that their time registration software fully fits our company.’’

How do you use Clockwise?

‘‘Our organization consists of three departments, each with its own focus: investing, innovating and internationalizing. Clockwise meets the different needs of each department. For example, employees of the Capital department, who are involved in investing in starting SME entrepreneurs, have to write hours at dozens of companies. We needed a handy search function for Capital, so that we could find every company with a few letters. Other colleagues did not need that, and wanted to see the three projects for which they write hours as standard. Clockwise knows how to combine all our wishes. Every employee uses the time registration software in a way that is convenient for them.’’

What are the advantages?

‘‘The lines are short: I immediately have someone on the line who understands how our organization works. The customization, the flexible user interface and the smart links are also nice. Oost NL needs more "links" than many other companies. Clockwise can build these. Ultimately, this means that we can work faster and more efficiently. We started with one department, but now the entire company works with the Clockwise time registration software.’’

Want to know more about Oost NL? Visit their website oostnl.com/en