Sodexo about ClockWise time registration

Robert Groutars, PMO manager at Sodexo, a company that deals with the facilities services of KLM.

How do you use Clockwise?

‘‘We use Clockwise to account for our hours. Every month we have to inform KLM how many hours we have worked on different projects. This is checked on the hour after. And then we don't talk about ten projects, but about five hundred projects, to which different employees have to write hours. For example, Pietje calculates thirty hours for one project and fifty for the other. And Klaasje works on ten projects at the same time. Clockwise helps us to organize this tightly and clearly.’’

There are more time registration systems on the market. Why Clockwise

‘‘Many modern systems look perfect, but are slow, limited and inflexible. Clockwise does not look so modern on the outside, but it works like a charm. People can write their hours at lightning speed. The business situation in which Sodexo cooperates with KLM is very complex, and yet we know how to give it a pragmatic and clear interpretation via Clockwise, which also makes it simple for everyone who works at Sodexo. We also greatly appreciate the flexibility of Clockwise. If KLM wants to turn right, we must also arrange our systems a little "to the right". This flexibility is possible within Clockwise. They listen and think along with us.’’

How does Clockwise make your job easier?

‘‘Thanks to Clockwise, the conversations I have with colleagues are more objective. If a employee says that he is very busy with his work, and I see that he is only scheduled for 20 of the forty contract hours, then we can have a businesslike and enlightening conversation about it. Instead of subjective and emotional. With the help of Clockwise we can not only look very accurately into the past but also look into the future. Because of the way we have set up and used Clockwise, we can carry out capacity planning not only on a personal but also on a knowledge level. In this way we can adequately anticipate shortages or surpluses of hours. If we find out, for example, that we need an additional mechanical project manager next week, then we will be late. But because thanks to Clockwise we can look up to six months ahead, we can tackle these future situations right now. That is very valuable to us.’’

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