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Multiple recipients for the invoices in CC

While sending invoices, it's now possible to store the first recipient in the "To:", and the remaining recipients in the "CC:" field.
This configuration setting is found in the System Settings, in the section titled "Mailing invoices".

Inactive employees visible in projects


To get more insight in your inactive employees, we've made it visually noticable if you have any inactive employees assigned to your projects.
An example of what this looks like, is shown on the right.

The employee in question (User 2), has been made inactive (in the Employee folder), however his connection to the project is still active (within the folder named Customers). Hence showing you an italic and slightly lighter font style.

App urentotaal

Show total hours written this month in app

Some of our customers reached out to us, requesting a visible representation of hours written within a month in the app, regardless of wether the hours are written or approved in weeks or months.
This is why we have added a feature within the app, making it possible to see the total amount of hours (in parentheses) next to the current month.